DHA Data set Master Index
Dataset Desription Updated* Source/Date Rating/Relevance (-/+) Link or location
Delaware Health Tracker Wide Variety of Health statistics- chronic disease, psychosocial and demographic factors associated with health outcomes, from variety of sources and across census and zip code tracks for the state of Delaware; site sponsored by Delaware healthcare Association. Site has links to Community Health Needs Assessments completed by Delaware Healthcare Systems. 19-Jul Variety, 2015-18 4 ★/4+
National Center for Health Statistics- Stats of the State of Delaware Provides birth, leading causes of death, mortality, and other misc. metrics for the state of Delaware from 2014-2017. NCHS is a part of the CDC. 19-Jul Multiple, 2014-17 3★/3+
America's Health Rankings States ranked by global Health Indicator Assessment- World Health Organization model reflects that determinants of health directly influence health outcomes, with determinants accounting for three-quarters and outcomes accounting for one-quarter of each stateÕs overall score and ranking. Four categories of determinants are included in our model of health: Behaviors, Community & Environment, Policy and Clinical Care. 19-Jul United Health Foundation, 2015-18 4★/4+
Delaware State Health Needs Assessment Needs assessment based on feedback from delaware residents and stakeholders  19-Jul DE Public Health Institute, 2017 3★/3+
Delaware Obesity Related Chronic Disease Rates  All states ranked by prevalence rates of obesity-related chronic diseases, based on data from the National Behavioral Health and Risk Factor Surveillance Survey 19-Jul BRFSS, 2017 3★/3+
Delaware Overdose Mortality Data States ranked by Drug Overdose Deaths by the National Center for Health Statistics 19-Jul CDC WONDER, 2017 4★/3+
U.S News & World Report- Best States US News pulls data on Healthcare, Crime, Opportunity and other sectors from various surveys to analyze how well states serve their citizens 19-Jul Multiple, 2015-2019 4 ★/4+
Editorial based on CDC data Details cancer incidence, DE as #2 in the nation- driven by obesity and tobacco use 19-Jul 2000 Census 4 ★/2+ 
Healthcare Spending by State Healthcare spending in each of the 50 states 19-Jul CMS, 1991-2014 4 ★/2+ 
American Hospital Directory Contains cost data information and reporting for variety of health care settings, by facilty, state, region. Some data sources/reports have required fee to access. 19-Jul DHHS, CMS, 2017 3★/3+
Healthcare Costs and Utilization Project Nationwide umbrella initiative by AHRQ to establish hospital cost and utlization databases across all payers 19-Jul AHRQ, 2016 3★/3+
National Healthcare Expenditures 2016-2026 Projections from a team at Health Affairs; access request required. 19-Jul Variable, 2013-16 3★/3+
Insurer Participation on ACA Marketplaces, 2014-2019 Trending data in health insurance marketplaces, state by state gathered by Kaiser Family Foundation 19-Jul Variable, 2013-18 4★/3+
U.S Hospital types by Ownership and State Developed by Kaiser Family Foundation, data are for community hospitals, which represent 85% of all hospitals. Federal hospitals, long term care hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, institutions for the mentally retarded, and alcoholism and other chemical dependency hospitals are not included. 19-Jul AHA Hospital Survey, 1999-2017 4★/3+
Health Cost Institute The 2017 Health Care Cost and Utilization Report is based on analyses of HCCIÕs leading commercial claims database representing the under-65, employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) population in the United States. 19-Jul Variable, 2014-17 3★/3+
Value-Based Reimbursement State-by-State  CMSÕs role in the payment reform landscape has overshadowed the importance and momentum of other work occurring at the state level. This report seeks to shed light on this other work through an examination of state-level value-based payment initiatives underway across America.  19-Jul Proprietary, through Change Healthcare, 2008-2017 4★/4+
The Value Initiative Created to raise the level of discussion around value in health care by bringing together all participants in the system—academics, patients, patient advocates, payers, life sciences companies, providers, delivery systems, and other stakeholders—to find common ground in the approach for measuring value. 19-Jul Variable 3★/3+
RX Drug Cost Comparisons Site combines data from multiple sources to detail the actual RX cost vs what state MCD programs pay 19-Jul CMS State Utilization Database (2014-2018) and CMS National Average Drug Acquisiton Cost Database 3★/3+
Healthcare Price Transparency  HFMA site dedicated to tools, guidelines and resources on healthcare price transparency. Need to sign in with a HFMA account to view. 19-Jul Healthcare Financial Management Association, 2014 3★/2+
Procedure Price Look Up This site displays national averages for the amount Medicare pays hospitals compared to ASCs for certain surgeries. It will also relay the national average copayment a beneficiary without a supplemental Medicare plan would owe the provider in a given setting.  19-Jul November, 2018, CMS 3★/3+
Physician and Surgeon Compensation Nationwide A list of the average annual salaries of physicians and surgeons by state, ranked from highest to lowest. Excludes certain specialties. 19-Jul
Bureau of Labor Statistics and Data, 2018
The 2017 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality This report shows the progress and opportunities for improving healthcare quality and reducing healthcare disparities. Chartbooks on specific topics, such as access to care, patient safety, and healthy living, provide more detailed information. In addition, downloadable slides are available for presentations. State level data and comparisons with benchmarks and dashboards. 19-Jul AHRQ 2016 4★/3+
National Inpatient Sample Database Part of HCUP, Inpatient procedural and charges data, nationwide 19-Jul AHRQ 2016 4★/2+
DE Healthcare Associated Infections National Healthcare Safety Network Hospital Acquired Infection data for DE Acute Care Hospitals 19-Jun NHSN 2017 data (published in 2018) 3★/3+
National Health Security Preparedness Index  An annual assessment of the nation's day-to-day and community heath preparedness for managing health emergencies prepared by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 19-Jul RWJF, varies by measure, 2019 3★/3+
How Hospital Quality Ratings Work Links to various sources either explaining how hospital quality rating metrics are calculated or listing current top hospital/healthcare ratings; most notable are the Leapfrog Top Hospitals 2018 and the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Rating Cheatsheet (assigns ~2,600 general acute-care hospitals a letter grade from A through F) 19-Jul Advisory Board, 2019
Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) is an independent global health research center at the University of Washington funded by the Gates family and has the following aims: (1)provide estimates of diseases/injuries/risk factors, to track all spending related to health, provide critical information for planning and policy 19-Jul Varies, proprietary, 1990- 2017 3★/3+
Hospital Compare 5 Star Ratings- for Becker's Synopsis, go to https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/rankings-and-ratings/meet-cms-new-5-star-overall-hospitals.html Hospital quality rankings from across the U.S. details wide variety of metrics across settings. Must search from individual hospitals to see metrics. 19-Jul CMS, 2016-18 3★/3+
Opioid Projects by State The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) unveiled a new interactive rural opioid misuse map which displays opioid-related projects by state.  19-Jul Varied, 2018 3★/2+
The HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) Incorporates methodology and algorithms to automatically score hospitals around the world relative to their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) capabilities. This eight-stage (0-7) model measures the adoption and utilization of electronic medical record (EMR) functions. Cost to access. 19-Jul Proprietary, 2018 3★/3+
Kaiser Health News Hospital Quality Hospital penalties and bonuses for readmissions, hospital acquired conditions and value based purchasing scores 2015-2019 19-Jul CMS, 2015-2019 4★/3+
Healthcare Innovations occuring across Delaware State level data and comparisons regarding various CMS innovations programing and contracting 19-Jul CMMI, 2019 4★/4+
Delaware Open Data Cross sector data sets mandated by Markell in 2016; 'health' section has variety of data- mortality, births, cancer incidence etc 19-Jul Variable
Gallup 'Well-being index' State level data and reports detailing/ranking states based on five core elements of well being. Need to subscribe to Gallup to view full reports.  19-Jul Gallup, variable
The Chronic Conditions Data Warehouse (CCW)  Research database designed to make Medicare, Medicaid, Assessments, and Part D Prescription Drug Event data more readily available to support research designed to improve the quality of care and reduce costs and utilization. 19-Jul CMS, 2019
Fast Facts on U.S. Hospitals Database developed by AHA with hospital facts across the U.S. Includes current and historical data on utilization, personnel, revenue, expenses, managed care contracts, community health indicators, physician models, etc. 19-Jul AHA
Delaware Health Statistics Center The Delaware Health Statistics Center (DHSC) provides wide range of data collection services, validation, statistical analysis and maintenance of a comprehensive collection of health statistics. This information can assist in identifying local and statewide problems while supporting public health programs and research. Information is made available through the production of reports, data summaries and analysis, map generation and provision of public use files 19-Jul DHSC, 2005-2017 3★/3+
Medicare Disparities Map Interactive map tool that can be used to identify areas of disparities between subgroups of Medicare beneficiaries (e.g., racial and ethnic groups) in health outcomes, utilization, and spending 19-Jul CMS, 2018
Healthcare Openness and Access Project (HOAP): Mapping the Frontier for the Next Generation of American Healthcare, June 2018 Update  Collection of state-by- state comparative data on the exibility and discretion US patients and providers have in managing healthcare. HOAP combines these data to produce 38 indicators of openness and accessibility. In turn, these indicators are grouped into 10 broad subindexes (Corporate, Insurance, Occupational Regulation, Pharma- ceutical Access, Telemedicine, Direct Primary Care, Medical Liability, Provider Regulation, Public Health, and Taxation), which in combination form the overall HOAP index 19-Jul
George Mason University, 2018
County Health Rankings Interactive map which shows health status and outcomes by county; website also has a database of evidence summaries and ratings for policies, programs, and systems changes that can improve health.  19-Jul Variable, 2015-2019
2018Õs Best & Worst States for Health Care Created by WalletHub, comparing the 50 states and Washington DC on 40 key metrics of healthcare costs, accessibility and outcomes. 19-Jul
Variable, see resource list at end of page
2018 Scorecard on State Health System Performance  A state-by-state report measuring access to care, quality of care, health outcomes, and health disparities across the United States 19-Jul Variable, 2018
Becker's Hospital Review- Hospital Benchmarks (Quality and Process of Care, Patient Satisfaction, Staffing, Utilization, Finance, Health IT, Affiliations and Compensation)  Benchmarks related to some of the most important day-to-day areas hosptal executives oversee: quality, patient satisfaction, staffing, utilization, finance, affiliations, compensation and health IT, collected since 2011.  19-Jul Variable, 2018
State Health Facts Health data for each state collected by the Kaiser Family Foundation 19-Jul Variable, 2017-18 3★/3+
Delaware State Data from Milbank Infographic detailing insurance status, cost, basic demographics and population health statistics for Delawareans.  19-Jul Variable, 2018, see bottom of resource link  3★/3+
* = DHA Staff monitored for updates and most recent results posted
West Virginia- Hospital Smart  Website produced by WV hospital association to provide pricing and quality transparency, but also allow them to guide the conversation and many confluent variables 7/9/19 West Virginia Hospital Association, 2019 3★/1+