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DE Hospital Leaders: "We Need Your Help"


Beginning tomorrow, December 18th, the News Journal, Delaware State News and other newspapers throughout the state will feature an important advertisement from the Delaware Healthcare Association. The content of the ad is a letter from Delaware hospital leaders asking for the public's help to ease the current strain Covid-19 has placed on hospitals and health care workers. Calling the situation critical, the letter states, "Our doctors, nurses and people working in health care are doing everything we can to take care of you when you're sick. Yet every day we're seeing avoidable illness and death as a result of COVID-19." Delaware's hospital leaders are asking that everyone take the following steps to stop the spread:

  • Get vaccinated and get your booster
  • Wear a mask (even if you are vaccinated) and socially distance
  • If you feel sick, get tested for COVID-19
  • Get your flu vaccination
  • Encourage your neighbors and loved ones to take these steps
Click here to view the letter.